Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My burden heart

My heart cries out to the Lord, I need You Lord! I can't live without You! so many things cries out for my attention that I can't see, hear and sense clearly where You are leading me and the ministry You have entrust to my care. I'm really swept away and overwhelmed by issues i have no answer or no capacity to handle. Lives that need You to touch and minister. I'm not here to please people but my only aim is only to please and love You alone. Please break my heart again for You as i prepare to speak this thursday. Provide and part the obstacles to see Your glory once again. Restore, renew and revive the hearts and lives of the SP crusaders. Holy Spirit, I pray that you will breathe God's new passion, love and fire we desperately need. In Jesus' name i surrender all my heavy, burdened heart and ask for Your heart beat to captivate me again.

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