Thursday, November 19, 2009

Staff Summit 2009

This is the 1st time attending staff summit together with my fiancee. It was a good and refreshing time for us. There are so many things God taught me in this summit that i needed Him to empower me to change. One of these is a message by Jason on the second night. I really admire his tender and compassionate heart he has towards God and people. Truly inspired by what he shared. Time to stay focus and press in and lay hold of God's call, promise and destiny for my life. How easily I am distracted always by focusing on my self-centered desires...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My BIG DAY is coming 13th March 2010

My wedding Day falls on 13th March 2010 which is 4 months and 6 days away from today. Things are tightening up as i see the days flying so fast. Pray for me that God will give me the wisdom, joy and strength to handle the ministry load in ISM, support raising, coaching a new trainee and also wedding preparations.

Ronald finally can cycle

After so many years of failure in learning cycling, last friday on 30th October, i finally can cycle after 2 hours of coaching from my fiancee. I was a hazard on the road at East Coast Park. I hit trees, bushes, drains, dustbins and people before a uncle who is a janitor at the ECP can't stand me hitting into things and hurting myself. He gave me a good push and surprisingly that gave me the 1st steps to my journey of cycling. With love, care and motivation from my fiancee, i finally can cycle :) She is indeed a blessing fro God to me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stretched but not broken

Finally it has been almost 1 year plus since i have time to blog. :) so here i am sharing something that God has been doing and will do in the recent months. From June 09, I am no longer in SP. I have been moved to a new ministry reaching the international students. We have seen thus far in this 5 months plus of ministry, 10 people receiving Christ :) While in the midst of ministry hype, I found myself very stretched by the things happening in my life. My financial support took a crash but God is still faithfully providing through the faithful supporters whom i am deeply thankful and grateful for standing by me all these while. My status from single to married will take place on 13th March 2010 (4 months more to go). Coaching a new stinter can be challenging too but i enjoy the times spent together with Si Ming :) so in the midst of feeling stretched, God is the one who holds on to me and make sure that i am not broken. Even if i break into pieces, He can make it back again :) Let's run or life marathon for the one who laid His life on the Cross for us. Jesus Christ, our author and perfecter of our faith!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My journey in search for love

Love has always been the top questions in my life. Am i truly loved for who i am? Am I worthy of anyone to love me? what if they know the 'real' me would their eyes look at me in a different light? That prompted me to search for love and many times its in the wrong direction getting myself hurt in the process. Until I realised human love is not the love that I really wanted. At times our love can be short-lived, selfish and at times expressed in the wrong ways. I crave for something better something more than this. If you face similar questions as i do, I invite you to explore the possibility of someone who loves and accepts you the way that you are. Who never leave or desert you in times of trouble. Who will stand by you even when your life is in danger (for me, colon cancer early stage) you can find out more at

Thursday, May 01, 2008

SP CCA showcase and Phyllis Birthday

This week was a very busy and tiring week for me as my Campus had our CCA showcase fair from monday till wednesday. We gave out almost 1200 bottles of New Water to the freshmen who came to the fair. We thank God for the 68 students who signed up with us at our booth. My prayer to God is that He will raise His people to rise up and make a difference for Him in SP! As Vision tea is coming next Thursday and AGM on friday, so we really pray that God will bring the freshmen as well as the seniors that we'll be challenged to shine for HIm as light and be salt of the Earth for God's purposes. On 29th April, The MLT (movement Leadership Team, staff and student leaders) celebrated our New Staff, Phyllis' birthday. She was surprised by the ice cream cake, flowers and gifts that came to her from 3 directions at the same time. May the Lord bless her with a memorable 21st Birthday! God, thank you for yet extending my life for 1 more year as i went for my check up today for my Colon. It signifies Your faithfulness to me for the last 7 years :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My burden heart

My heart cries out to the Lord, I need You Lord! I can't live without You! so many things cries out for my attention that I can't see, hear and sense clearly where You are leading me and the ministry You have entrust to my care. I'm really swept away and overwhelmed by issues i have no answer or no capacity to handle. Lives that need You to touch and minister. I'm not here to please people but my only aim is only to please and love You alone. Please break my heart again for You as i prepare to speak this thursday. Provide and part the obstacles to see Your glory once again. Restore, renew and revive the hearts and lives of the SP crusaders. Holy Spirit, I pray that you will breathe God's new passion, love and fire we desperately need. In Jesus' name i surrender all my heavy, burdened heart and ask for Your heart beat to captivate me again.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A day of workout

Today was a physically tiring day for me as my church mates and I stayed back in church to do spring cleaning in preparation of the evangelistic party we are going to have next saturday after service. It was a good workout for me :) after dinner, some of my helpful churchmates (Johnny, Ah mei Qing Ling and Song Lin) helped me to transport my sofa and book shelf from GCTC. I really thank God for the extra mile they have given to bless me. Tomorrow will be another day of shifting and renovation of my room in view of the new furniture :) God is my strength in whom i trust!!!