Thursday, May 01, 2008

SP CCA showcase and Phyllis Birthday

This week was a very busy and tiring week for me as my Campus had our CCA showcase fair from monday till wednesday. We gave out almost 1200 bottles of New Water to the freshmen who came to the fair. We thank God for the 68 students who signed up with us at our booth. My prayer to God is that He will raise His people to rise up and make a difference for Him in SP! As Vision tea is coming next Thursday and AGM on friday, so we really pray that God will bring the freshmen as well as the seniors that we'll be challenged to shine for HIm as light and be salt of the Earth for God's purposes. On 29th April, The MLT (movement Leadership Team, staff and student leaders) celebrated our New Staff, Phyllis' birthday. She was surprised by the ice cream cake, flowers and gifts that came to her from 3 directions at the same time. May the Lord bless her with a memorable 21st Birthday! God, thank you for yet extending my life for 1 more year as i went for my check up today for my Colon. It signifies Your faithfulness to me for the last 7 years :)