Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My burden heart

My heart cries out to the Lord, I need You Lord! I can't live without You! so many things cries out for my attention that I can't see, hear and sense clearly where You are leading me and the ministry You have entrust to my care. I'm really swept away and overwhelmed by issues i have no answer or no capacity to handle. Lives that need You to touch and minister. I'm not here to please people but my only aim is only to please and love You alone. Please break my heart again for You as i prepare to speak this thursday. Provide and part the obstacles to see Your glory once again. Restore, renew and revive the hearts and lives of the SP crusaders. Holy Spirit, I pray that you will breathe God's new passion, love and fire we desperately need. In Jesus' name i surrender all my heavy, burdened heart and ask for Your heart beat to captivate me again.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A day of workout

Today was a physically tiring day for me as my church mates and I stayed back in church to do spring cleaning in preparation of the evangelistic party we are going to have next saturday after service. It was a good workout for me :) after dinner, some of my helpful churchmates (Johnny, Ah mei Qing Ling and Song Lin) helped me to transport my sofa and book shelf from GCTC. I really thank God for the extra mile they have given to bless me. Tomorrow will be another day of shifting and renovation of my room in view of the new furniture :) God is my strength in whom i trust!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

God's Rebekah for Isaac

As I sought the Lord 4 days ago regarding His mate for my life, My heart was really burdened as I had to overcome the pain of being rejected and my fears that its my own wishful thinking again. This time its different. very very different. God spoke thru my QT from Genesis 24. It spoke instantly to what was happening in my life and encouraged me to pursue again. To me, Isaac was not actively seeking for a mate (like me, I wasn't actively seeking) but Abraham (God) is concerned about his son (ronald) so he sent his chief servant (Bataa brother) to search a wife for his son. And as the story goes the chief servant completed his task after a series of events and brought "Rebekah" back to his master and to Isaac. One thing that struck me was Rebekah's initiative and active involvement in the whole story. When she asked me that she needs to know my expectation to our relationship? I told God i needed time to seek Him and allow Him to show and direct. I do not want to rush into relationship unless God leads me to. This relationship must be one that is directed to God and will be a blessing to others around us (families of both sides, people we lead and minister). Lord teach me to learn to love you as my top priority so that i can have the capacity to love, accept and cherish her the way you want me to. In Jesus name I surrender this relationship and where You will direct us into your hands I pray. Amen.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

God provides! Naked I almost raised

Wow When God provides, he provides more than what we wish or hope for. What was most encouraging is that she decided to join crusade as full-time staff!!!answered prayer from God and now i am not the only full-time staff with 2 stinters but 2 staff and 1 stinter :) Thank you God!!! yesterday night my status has changed :) hehe thanks so much for people who had prayed alongside these 2 days. It will be a new beginning for me :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

God did it again

On 14th April when SP started school, I was praying that God will grant us $200 for our vision tea. I did not know how it will come, but i just trusted God to provide. After lunch, my lecturer called and told me that other than giving gifts and report to the lecturers who supported the needy students who went for GEn12ii, another lecturer gave $200 last week. I was moved to tears as I know that even before i prayed God provided. He knows our every needs to the dot. So SP crusaders, let's trust Him for more. We are meant for more in Jesus!

I also thank God for forming the new MLT - Movement Leadership Team and our new SM- spiritual multipliers. Team, I really thank God for each of you from the bottom of my heart. Let's stay focus and let God strengthen and raise us to soar with Him and for Him to use us to raise the next generations!
Our ministry
Purpose: To glorify God and be use by Him in the power of the Holy Spirit to help lead in the fulfillment of the Great Commission in every generation!
Mission: Turning lost SP students into Christ-centered laborers for the gobal harvest!
Vision: Movements everywhere...so that every SP student knows someone who truly follows Jesus!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

God of Compassion...Finally here :)

Hi people, my latest entry of my updates is just out of my little 'Delly' oven. Ooo its HOT!!! Hope that it will encourage you in your journey with the Lord and do pray alongside with me :) God bless!!! going for team prayer meeting now ...see u

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

God's journey for me

Who God is to me these 11 days and beyond… (God’s track record)
Day One: God who kept us safe

  • Thank God for bringing the team safely to Phetchabun after 2 hours of flight and 8 hours of van ride.

Day Two: God who broke through our lives

  • Had enjoyable time of learning Thai and bringing children and team out to fishing and waterfall
  • God used the passage from Isaiah 61 to encourage the teamWe prayed and trusted God to cause a breakthrough in our lives as we allow Him to.

Day Three: God who empowers

  • Prayed, ministered and bless 6 families with “kway diao”
  • People we ministered were abused, helpless, harassed and their lives filled with hurts… God broke my heart to weep for them.

Day Four: God who saves and delivers

  • HIV lady attended our Good Friday outreach.
  • God used the simple skit to connect with the issues (drugs, alcohol and family violence) villagers can identify with
  • 12 people responded and prayed to receive Christ (including the HIV lady J) God be the glory!

Day Five: God of grace

  • Brought about 70 children to waterfall and outing.
  • Thank God for protecting us. No one get hurt except some cuts on my feet
  • God’s grace shown to me as I took care of the 3 children attached to me for the outing15 children prayed and received Christ through our simple experiment

Day Six: God, our dear Abba Heavenly Father

  • Brought the children out to Lan Hin Tek (mountainous area with natural folding by the mighty hands of God)
  • God’s fatherly love shown visible to me as I took care of the 3 boys
  • God protected the team again. No one was hurt as the places we went were of high risk nature
  • Camp fire: Fender passport no power, program (Games, songs and dance) still goes on by faith. Sin yi shared Jer 29:11 to the children and thank God! 17 children received Christ

Day Seven: God of Rest and Sabbath

  • Team was very tired after 6 days of hard labor and needed rest. ZZZzzz…
  • God used Matthew 9:35-38 and Psalm 68:5 to speak to me regarding the Hmong Lao refugees
  • God refreshed us physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Visited 2 homes we previously visited
  • Granny-1’s wish to the Lord “Prolong my life so that I can see them come back and visit me before I die.”
  • Told the team “if they have No COMPASSION, or if you feel that you are not ready, please don’t go up to the refugee camp.”

Day Eight: God of Compassion

  • 8 hours of worship, prayer and intercession
  • Mare rededicated her life back to the Lord when we were praying and worshipping. God’s transforming power!
  • God brought forth passion, love and compassion for Him and for the Hmong Lao people

Day Nine: God of Wonders

  • God used 2 songs (The battle belongs to the Lord and We are here to praise you) to focus on Him as we travel up to refugee camp even though our entry permit was not approved
  • God used psalm 24: 7-10 to show me that He is the King of Glory. He will battle for us
  • Went through the gates with thanksgiving in our hearts when our permit was approved! J
  • God withheld the dark clouds, about 500-600 children came, 60 plus prayed and received Christ! Woman with hurts ministered by skit and started crying and God used that time to bring forth His healing as the team prayed and ministered to the group of women who are in need of His love, touch and healing
  • In the absence of Nong Aun (teaching 1st aid) Mare led in prayer for the children and also prayed for women who are in need of prayer and ministry from God! God’s transformation in Mare’s life

Day Ten: God of faithfulness

  • Went in to the refugee camp by faith without permit but God opened the gate again without any hindrances
  • God worked gently among the women though we missed his timing. We saw His grace to us
  • About 2000 children came. I was overwhelmed but God gave me strength to finish the race.
  • Home visitation 3: HIV lady was so joyful that we became her adopted children; Partial Blind granny’s life sharing broke my heart again; Granny1 fell sick with no strength to cook food L Will remember to pray for them and the Hmong Lao

Day Eleven: God who heals

  • Mare treated Nong Jen, Ning and I a simple sumptuous breakfast.
  • Partial blind granny brought us to pray for a lady who was suffering breathlessness and icy cold hands and God healed her as we prayed and worshipped. The women gave praise to God! Divine appointment.

For more pictures, do go to http://azzurrii.multiply.com/

Monday, April 07, 2008

Finally got time to blog

Sorry for not updating my thoughts all these months of being silent. God has been good and especially real to me when i led my mission trip team to Thailand, Phetchabun. It has been a life changing journey. You can check it out at the team blog http://thehmongshope.blogspot.com/ or at http://newlifeoutreach.blogspot.com/ to see what the Lord has done in each of our lives :) He is the God of compassion! stay tuned for the next entry. God bless!