Thursday, September 27, 2007

1st Week being the Team leader in SP ministry

Wow! was the words to describe this week for me. I was awed by the fact that this week I'm the team leader, the team member as well as EFG staff. With Priscilla gone in malaysia for her grandpa's wake and SS needed to be off for some important things, I was overwhelmed all the things happening so fast that i have no time to catch a breather.

My prayer to God was "Father, I need you desperately to give me your strength and wisdom to lead this movement. Unless you build this movement, our efforts will totally be in vain. Though I feel so weak and inadequate but my eyes are upon you!

The daily morning prayer tome was crucial for me as it realigned my mind, focus and heart to God. Thank you God for being my strength!

This week started with CCA drive 2 to recruit new members. I thank God for the 8 who are interested to join us. We've to put up a song item at a very last minute notice and Ian, i want to say thank you so much for your availiability to serve in this manner.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Staff Summit 2007

God did it again. Digging ever deeper into my heart to surface areas of my fleshly, selfish and sinful nature that is so against Him. Through Dr Bill Lawrence seminar, I realized how my past hurts, experiences and family up bringing has shaped me to what i am today. He did it so amazingly through case studies and using our inputs to help us surface all these baggages that God wants me to let go. One horror to me was that when I'm stress, my high D will automatically take over and people working under me suffered as i left no room for 'No' as an answer or room to discuss and negotiate, very task oriented at the expand of others' feelings. I thank God for surfacing this RED flag so that i can be a better child of His. One thing i want to do is to extend forgiveness to people who had hurt me especially people I loved. One quote that impacted my heart is "FORGIVENESS DOES NOT CHANGE THE PAST BUT IT DOES EXPAND THE FUTURE" I know at times when the hurts done to us are deep, painful and hard to extend forgiveness, I pray that God's love and grace will grant us the strength to forgive not just the mind but from deep within our hearts. Allow Him to do that heart surgery in us so that we can see breakthrough in our relationship with Him and with others. Forgiveness is the way to find freedom that God wants us to experience.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Quiet Time break through

God I thank you for speaking to me through the passage in Romans 12:1-8, I realised that i need to surrender to you totally, 100% without reserving or keeping any area to myself. Holy spirit, I invite you to search my heart and surface any areas you want to deal with before i take up the role of being the team leader in my campus. Take away my masks that i used to hide my real self. I pray that as i lead this campus, it will not be trying to fit into somebody else's shoes but only what you have for me. Thank you and i want to trust you for breakthru in my walk with you. In Jesus' name. Amen

My greatest Birthday Treat

I asked my Dad out for dinner on 31st august together with my mum, brother and sister-in-law. It was the best birthday dinner i ever had because its the 1st time in my whole life that my dad celebrated together with me. God i really thank you for this very special treat.

My disciple Cornelyus' birthday was on 1st September. We celebrated with him at cafe cartel.
Another treat i remembered was the saturday before, a few of us went for water fest at marina bay (the place where we host our national day parade this year). I had a great time there with water :) especially when our banana boat capsized and all of us were soaked wet in the sea water. it was worth the 1 hour plus wait. Happy Happy Happy!