Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stretched but not broken

Finally it has been almost 1 year plus since i have time to blog. :) so here i am sharing something that God has been doing and will do in the recent months. From June 09, I am no longer in SP. I have been moved to a new ministry reaching the international students. We have seen thus far in this 5 months plus of ministry, 10 people receiving Christ :) While in the midst of ministry hype, I found myself very stretched by the things happening in my life. My financial support took a crash but God is still faithfully providing through the faithful supporters whom i am deeply thankful and grateful for standing by me all these while. My status from single to married will take place on 13th March 2010 (4 months more to go). Coaching a new stinter can be challenging too but i enjoy the times spent together with Si Ming :) so in the midst of feeling stretched, God is the one who holds on to me and make sure that i am not broken. Even if i break into pieces, He can make it back again :) Let's run or life marathon for the one who laid His life on the Cross for us. Jesus Christ, our author and perfecter of our faith!

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